Monday, October 1, 2018

The Art Of Erik Stitt Shop

Above is a Photo List of my current Print Stock. This will grow as my Patrons Grow. I will also be adding a variety of stock as my Patrons Grow as well such as, magnets, stickers, mugs, etc..

I have numbered each print. Below is a name next to the corresponding number with a link that you can click on to see the image large and in clear detail. Use these numbers to make your orders. The rest of the info on the image is self explanatory.

Patrons using your Discounts, state the percentage of your Discount in the PayPal message window as well, that way I can clear you as you each use them.

U1 - Cosmic Barrel Rider -

U2 - See No Evil -

U3 - Grey's Anatomy Portrait Study -

U4 - Grey's Anatomy Profile Study -

U5 - Gauging The Weather -

U6 - Terran World Cradle Cruiser -

U7 - Live Retrieval -

U8 - TR3B MKII -

U9 - Twilight Visitation -

S1 - Coming Through The Mists -

S2 - Icarus and Daedalus -

S3 - Cataclysmus -

S4 - Destiny's Arrival -

S5 - No Finer Evening -

S6 - Garden Of The Gods -

L1 - Gauging The Weather - See link for U5

L2 - On The Shores Of The Cosmic Ocean -

L3 - Grey's Anatomy Mega Poster -

L4 - I Already Know -

L5 - See No Evil - See link for U2

L6 - Coming Through The Mists - See link for S1

L7 - Icarus and Daedalus - See link for S2

All Prints and Posters arrive Signed and Tubed.

Thank you so much for being a Patron!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Creating Deadpooh

Creating Deadpooh...

I do all of my work using Photoshop CS6 on a Wacom Cintiq 22HDT Tablet. All of my sketching, rendering and painting is done using a simple stock round brush. I don't ever adjust the opacity. I adjust the flow. I usually have it set between 4 and 8%.

I quickly block in my idea on it's on layer. I will then fade the layer down to about 30% opacity of the initial sketch. On a new layer on top of that, I begin to refine the drawing. Bringing details and shapes.

Once I have the drawing done, on a new layer "UNDER" the drawing, I fill in the whole drawing with a 50% gray. That way, when I begin shading and highlighting, I can go in either direction from the middle, darker or lighter.

When I finish up the gray tone, I clean up the edges, flatten the drawing and tone layers together and then mask that new layer.

I create a new layer on top of that labeled "Shading and Details" where I begin to do just exactly that. I set this layer with a clipping mask so that all of my work stays inside of the drawing below it. The secret to my crisp edges. All with a soft round brush set at a low flow. I work entirely in gray scale.

After I have all the shading and details done, if I have any complex patterns or textures to render, I sometimes use overlays. In this case, I created an overlay of berber carpet that I desaturated for Pooh's fur. Deadpool's suit texture is two different screens. All textures here were set as overlay layers and adjusted down to about 30% opacity. Sometimes, not in this case, I even emboss or bevel the overlays for added texture and lighting. Especially when I create my own overlays such as my Giger inspired works.

Once all the detail and shading and textures are in, I begin to color. I set the color also as an overlay layer on the very top layer. I set the layer opacity at about 35 to 40%. I adjust any saturation AFTER I'm done and the image is flattened.

I created just a simple gradient background with a midtone grey with a soft brush coming from the bottom in a lighter gray on a separate layer on top of that and I adjusted the lightness and opacity to my taste. In this case, I simply wanted to create depth.

I then readjusted the size and opacity of the Deadpooh logo I created and set it above the Title Block.

It's now ready to drag my siggy onto the final layer, flatten it and then do any saturation or exposure adjustments if necessary.

That's it! Those are all of my precious secrets. Lol.

The biggest secret? Learn how to draw. Learn how to draw well. The whole painting hinges on how good your drawing ability is. That's what makes a painting amazing. Your drawing.

Thank you for lookin',


PS: The text font is called Rogue Hero. A free download. However, to get the Title to look like the Deadpool Title, I had to add my own serifs on the tops of the D's and the P. I just used the rectangle tool and adjusted the size accordingly. Then I flattened them to the text. I created a dirty screen overlay for it, embossed it and then I added a gradient overlay. I flattened all the text again and then used the bevel/emboss tool to my taste to get the "Deadpool" look. Pretty easy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Grey's Anatomy Drawing and Painting Process

Some people have asked me, both in person and online, what alien images I use to create my paintings. I look at them and ask,


I draw and paint my pictures. Sometimes I make my own brushes for ease of repetition, but even then, the first image I drew and then made a brush out of it. If you don't know how to do that in Photoshop, it's easy. Plenty of vids on YouTube showing you just how to do that. I make a LOT of custom brushes for sacred geometry, fractals, brush, trees, etc., for ease of painting. Mostly for use in the background of the primary subject.

I made this process photo so that you can see what I'm doing with screen shots of my art in Photoshop CS6. You can see my brushes and you can see my layers. I basically draw and shade everything with a standard Soft Round Brush. Fancy brushes do not make you a better artist. Learning how to draw and practicing for over 40 years every single day makes you a better Artist.

Here's my process on this piece and pretty much every painting I do.

1) I draw rough lines. Basically a skeleton of the figure and I adjust size and placement on the canvas as I go. I remember to keep my Rule of Thirds and also use The Golden Ratio. Never make your subject dead center of the canvas.

2) I fade back the initial rough sketch, create another layer and draw finished lines on top of the rough ones.

3 I create another layer under the finished line work and turn off the initial rough line sketch layer. I then begin to apply opaque tones under the finished lines as a base.

4) I add another layer on top of all of this, set it to Overlay and the opacity at 50%. This is my Color Layer. I apply a rough wash of color over the entire painting in a general application as a guide for where those colors go and I adjust them as I render. Just under the Color Layer, I add a Shading Layer and begin to shade in details on top of the Finished Line layer.

5) I add more color and go back to my shading layer and fill in more details and lighting. I like high contrast because it really punches out the light in the areas where I want you, the viewer, to look first. I have some tree brushes I created and I popped a nice dead tree in the background and blurred it a bit for depth. I also created a little bit of lens flare to suggest a craft perhaps and give it a more "Not from around here" feel.

6) All of the coloring and rendering of details is complete. I then flatten all the layers and adjust the color saturation and contrast. I then slide my siggy PNG on top. But before I did that, I added one more layer and set it to Overlay. I then drug in a canvas texture and lowered the opacity to 8% to give it a more painterly look. Now the piece is finished, ready to create my two sizes, one to post and one to upload to Print on Demand sites and my other Print Sites for ordering.

And that is pretty much how I do every piece you see.

Thanks for taking a look at my process,


Monday, February 12, 2018

Visionary Art

As I said in my last post, Erik never stops challenging himself.  He recently delved into what's known as Visionary Art, something in which he has always been interested, and it seems that his fans are loving it as well.  He has been flourishing with this style, as he truly embodies what a Visionary Artist is.  With intuition, contemplation, inspiration, mysticism, and a connection with Divine Creation, (and I'm sure so much more), these pieces are created through him rather than by him.

As a side note, Erik prefers that any and all attention be on his art, not on him.  Having said that, as his manager and fiance, I find it fascinating to be able to witness his creative process.  I wish you could all see how excited he gets when an idea presents itself to him, and how focused he is when he is painting.  I've truly never seen someone so filled with the passion of their life's calling that they literally live and breathe its creation.

The Visionary Art that is created through Erik continues to be stunning and thought-provoking, and I'm sure I can speak for us all when I say that I am excited to see so much more of this beautiful style of art.

Chakra Pilot

Real Eyes Self

A Moment to Reflect

Boom Therapy

Dharma Entity


We are You are Us

As always, thank you all for your continued support!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018


While Erik has found a very comfortable niche in UFO-related art, one thing that will forever continue to change is his growth as an artist.  He is constantly challenging himself, never allowing his art to become stagnant or predictable.  Recently he really stretched himself with a couple of paintings done in a Baroque style, and he added the element of religion to his aliens - a bit of a different spin on an old subject.

The Ascension of Enoch

He became incredibly excited not long ago when he figured out how to add texture to his digital paintings so that they more closely resembled canvas or drawing paper.  He toyed around with some "pencil on paper" sketches before beginning The Ascension of Enoch, which he painted with the canvas texture (as shown with a closer view here).  What resulted is a beautifully rich painting that almost looks as if you can reach out and feel the cold skin on the alien, or the warmth of the blanket in which he is wrapped. 

I took a few photos of his second Baroque-style painting, Moses Receives the Tablets, as works-in-progress*.  I think that often times people don't give digital art the respect it deserves, as if the images that are rendered are somehow pulled from the depths of a computer instead of created from the hand of the artist.  Hopefully the occasional work-in-progress can dispel any doubters as to the validity of the talent and time that go into a painting.

*The first three photos were taken with my cell phone, and the last one was saved straight from Erik's computer, so the coloring between them might be a little inconsistent.

Moses Receives the Tablets

As always, thank you for reading, and for your continued support!  Hopefully soon we'll have a schedule of local cons to post for anyone who is in the area that would like to stop by and say hello.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Starting Local

With the success of Erik's UFO/alien paintings, we've decided to get our feet wet locally so that when Contact in the Desert happens in June, it should feel more like second nature and less like a couple of bumbling idiots who don't know what they're doing.

As soon as the holidays wind down within the next couple weeks, I'm going to scout opportunities within the greater Denver area looking for art shows, craft shows, or any other kinds of venues that will allow us to set up a little booth and sell images of Erik's hard work.  For the smaller local shows we're hoping to include things like mugs, calendars, key chains, etc. in addition to prints.  Contact in the Desert will be strictly prints, as we simply won't have the room at the booth nor will we have the means to ship a bunch of items to California for the week.  

I'll make sure to post when and where we end up opening up shop, so if you find yourself in Denver during one of the shows, please stop by and say hi!


Friday, November 10, 2017


Well, Erik's certainly found his niche!  He's finally beginning to have some success with a series of alien posters he's rendering for when he heads to Contact in the Desert in June.  There will be plenty more to come, and one of these days I hope to capture some work-in-progress pictures.  Watching his process is always fascinating!  Until then, enjoy...

As always, thank you for your support!