Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP 29DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

So.......I've started the lengthy but not difficult process of painting in the base color for the background. Several coats. Not too concerned about staying exactly within the lines as that can all be adjusted with paint and pencils. Anyhoo, this is the base color upon which will be built with airbrush and handbrushing, greys, blacks and whites. Ultimately, she will be reflected on the floor and backlit.....as is my MO...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Pull My Hair and Ride " WIP 14DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

I got to do a couple more hours of painting today! A little more paint and pencil work on the wheel.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pull My Hair and Ride WIP 13DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

Started the front wheel with a little handbrushed paint and pencil work...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pull My Hair and Ride WIP 08DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP


Using the 'ol Prismacolors on top of a hand brushed acrylic wash.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pull My Hair and Ride WIP 07DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

All of the pencil work is now finished. It is time to spray it all down with a workable fixitive and start airbrushing and handbrushing in acrylic washes of color. Exciting! I will start painting tomorrow!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pull My Hair and Ride WIP 05DEC14

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

The kids are spending the next two days at Gramma's House to make Christmas Cookies and watch Movies so that Carrie and I can have a little time together. Gramma rocks that way. =)

I get a little time to doodle on my current project though before we have "Funtime" together. I'm almost done with all the pencil work and just about ready to start airbrushing colored washes on. Fun!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pull My Hair and Ride WIP

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

I'm about half done with the underdrawing. Not really focusing on details as I am just getting tones and shades down that I can see under the acrylic washes I will put on top of this. The real detail comes with the color pencil work.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Art in progress...

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

All drawn in now and ready to do some minor shading and washes. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Jekyll and Hyde" Complete

"Jekyll and Hyde"
Charcoal and Graphite
14 X 17 Strathmore Paper
Copyright 2014 Erik Stitt

Completed commission for Iris Maska. I will be sending it to you, Ms. Iris after I move. I hope that you like it, Sissy. It was a pleasure to render.

"Jekyll and Hyde" Final WIP

"Jekyll and Hyde" WIP. Commission for Iris Maska

This is the final WIP before the finish. All of the faces are done *Whew!* and now it's just clothing, some fingers and the rest of the background. Cakewalk. Will be done in about four or five hours.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Gratitude - New Changes A'comin'

1) I am extremely grateful for the warmth, love and inviting acceptance that I am receiving from those involved in my soon to be new life. Listening to them and hearing their sweet voices, young and old......my heart has never been so lifted.

2) Having never experienced a sense of total surrender into the breadth and depth into All That Is before, I am very content with the ability to finally be able to open up totally with trust knowing that all is going to be quite OK.

3) The wisdom of little children. So pure. So indefinably innocent in their honest expectation and excitement. There is nothing more gloriously magical than that.

Having thoughts of what you want out of your life is never enough to manifest the same. BEing brave and courageous enough to skillfully bring the Light of your own awareness to that place inside you that so richly deserves those things is what allows them to be believed into your life. The external nature of things is always a reflection of what is going on internally. Never the opposite....as above, so below....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde WIP 15OCT14

"Jekyll and Hyde" WIP. Commission for Ms. Iris Maska

It's getting there! I'm looking at about another day and a half, two days to finish. Just doing the finishing touches of Iris's lovely hair and then I will work on her lace garment.

Wednesday Morning Gratitude -

1) Although I am a "lizard" by nature, I am very grateful for the rain that falls on us now. Just a few short miles away, those poor folks aren't getting what they need and they so badly need it. I wished I could send them some of this lovely smelling stuff washing the trees and the Earth.

2) Unforeseen changes and blessings disguised as catalysts. One blindside after another hitting me as of late. And they are all good! But they challenge me by taking me waaaaay out of my comfort zone.......that's needed to happen for a while now. Guilty of being stagnant and not moving forward. Well, I am now!

3) I am finally thankful for my past and can clearly see it for what it is. Without it, I would not be this man before you right now.

In this present moment, we are constantly and simultaneously creating a Past and a Future. Only by remaining in the present moment, do we take control of the conscious outcomes by letting go....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde WIP 14OCT14

Commission being done for Ms. Iris Maska. Two faces done. One to go...

Jekyll and Hyde WIP 13OCT14

"Jekyll and Hyde" WIP. Commission for Iris Maska

I have now begun work on Iris's face proper. I will continue on with this for the rest of the day and into the night. I am hoping to finish within the next two or three days.

Tuesday Morning Gratitude

Tuesday Morning Gratitude -

1) The deep realization that the breath, a tool we always have, is there to be a focal point for centering and remaining in the moment. The only temporal reality that is truly real. So vast and limitless. A constant blank canvas that can be painted any way you wish...

2) For the continued patience and understanding of my Daughters, Winnie and Sadie, whom I hope to be reunited with soon. Daddy loves you and I am doing what I am doing for you, Lovelies.....know this....furthermore, feeeeeel this.
3) My always present love for the Southwest Landscape of my upbringing that has always been a physical reminder of the vastness of a still mind and open heart. The quietude and serenity there is like none other on Earth.

When one creates with intent, be it with mind, be it with heart, be it with hand or all three, the outcome always supersedes the expectation......

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Gratitude

Sunday Morning Gratitude -

1) Very appreciative that the cell that went over the top of us yesterday that produced a tornado/water spout did not try to do so directly over our home.

2) Love all the many New Fans and Friends of my work. You make what I do worth the struggle and the discipline.

3) For Ms. Jackie Baron, who T-boned me out of nowhere and shared her sunshine with me. What a wonderful and delightful woman.

The sparkling jewels in life are likened to flowers in a meadow. They open fully only when the Sun shines upon them. Like the Sun itself, be found shining upon everything and everyone freely and they will open before you, radiant and resplendent...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde WIP 10OCT14

"Jekyll and Hyde" WIP. Commission for Iris Maska

Yeah. I know. I'm able to Market, Promote and still Draw and Paint......I do it all, Folks! I'm here all weekend!

I am not ready to start Iris' portrait portion of this piece. I am very happy with it so far.

Friday Morning Gratefuls

Friday Morning Gratefuls -

1) I am happy to be able to help and console my fellow artists in the same game as I am. The arduous struggle of climbing to the top seeking recognition for what you were born to do. The Sweet Spot? None of us are in it alone and we can conquer it with panache and style when we do it together.

2) Learning that even at my age, one can still grow and evolve and that the age itself is no dictate of the speed at which you improve.....only a measurement showing a passage of events that were beneficial to you or not beneficial to you......however, they all created who writes and reads this now.

3) The constant outpouring of support from Fellow Artists that I receive daily......that's what makes it so, so easy to give it all right back. Never give up until you talk to another on your path that doesn't even know how to give up.....

The view you enjoy in life is always from the vantage point of the shoulders of whom you stand upon.....=) <3


Thursday, October 9, 2014


It has dawned on me with great horror that my little 11 X 17 portfolio of original art that I had at the Scarefest Con has been stolen as I have thoroughly scoured and turned upside down my room. I also have no recall at all of seeing it since I've come home from the con....

These are the stolen pieces that were in this little black, sleeved portfolio

If you see any of these on any site other than my own for sale, eBay, Etsy, etc., please report it immediately! I will GIVE free SIGNED PRINTS TO WHOMEVER recovers my work from this jerk. 

Thank you for helping, 


Fine Art and Prints shipping out!

Thanks to all of you for loving and supporting what I do. I keeps me doing more for you!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde WIP...

"Jekyll and Hyde" WIP. Commission for Iris Maska

Moving right along quite nicely. Almost finished with the first face (Dr. Jekyll). Working solely in Charcoal and Graphite on 14 X 17 inch paper. The background will eventually be dark to pop everything out and make it look even more real.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Six Original Paintings on Auction!

All six of these original paintings are currently on auction on eBay for $150 a piece. If you buy one or some or all, you would be doing more than getting great art. You would be helping me reunite with my kids. Take a look with that in mind. Most kind of you.

Click HERE to view them. Thank you. 

Jekyll and Hyde, WIP

"Jekyll and Hyde" Redo, WIP. Commission for Iris Maska

This is a totally new concept and It will be rendered photo real in Charcoal and Graphite. It will take a lot longer than a painting but I want this to look really nice for my client. Classy. So, this could take about a month...The last one was slowly turning into a trainwreck and I was starting to detach from it. Once that happens, it's gutter fodder....

I went with a "Gone With The Wind" kind of feel with the flow of line and composition. Much more graceful and the eye of the viewer is drawn just where I want them to look.

Enjoy the process,


Today's Inspiration. Please share

I've got some goodies for you!

I have made it so that you can purchase all manner of Cellphone Cases, iPod/iPad Cases, Computer Skins and Covers as well as Fine Art and Stretched Canvas Prints of my best work by creating a Nuvango Shop!

Check out some of the neat stuff you can get and at a very affordable price!

I will be adding more gradually as you all will tell me what my best work is. *wink*

Thanks for taking a look! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today's Inspiration. You can share to your heart's content!

You help me and I will GIVE to you!

You can email me your shared links and your order to: redwoodjedi@gmail.com

Thank you so much for the love and support,


Valuable Art Business Tips I've learned on the fly!

Things I'm learning about the Art Business on my own through Hard Knocks

1) PATIENCE! It takes a long time to build a following or as I prefer to call them, Family, that loves what you do. Most of us cannot afford to spend money on ad campaigns and SEO rankings and the like, so we have to do it the old fashioned way by actually "meeting" your people in person or online. Do it in a very personal way without rattling off generic phrases. Groom them by making them feel relevant and significant because they are. They love your work and as is most often the case, they love you too. Buying art just for the art is nice and all, but the piece has even more value to the buyer when they feel a personal connection to the artist themselves.

2) Find your voice and style and STICK TO IT! I've learned this the hard way by trying to bounce around different subject matter with my work and not necessarily subjects that I really enjoy painting and it shows. I had the false mindset of thinking that "maybe I'm just doing the wrong type of art or the wrong subjects" and therefore not getting the traffic and attention I wanted to see. Refer to number one on this one as well...lol....Again, it takes time for your audience to find you and fall in love with you and your work. It's not going to happen in a week, a month or not even a year. Give it 3 to 5 years. Much more realistic. I did not know this and at times it has been disheartening because of my own ignorance.

3) Build a luscious and beautiful online presence. So, while you are slowly building your fan base family, one by one and one ON one, you have time to really look at your presence online and meticulously groom it to perfection. Ask yourself what your target audience is and that should be easy because if you are doing the type of art that you love, well then people like you are your target audience! So you begin to tweek and build your site(s) in a style and fashion that is attractive to you but keep in mind, the easier it is to move around for the visitor, the longer they will stay on your site. So, anything that is unnecessary like multiple video players and scads of flash animation with the ever illusive audio player you can never find the "stop" button for are all annoying to most people. Make it pretty. Make it easy and Make it you. I recommend for getting closer to your audience, which they will love because they will feel closer to you, your motivations and your work, is creating a blog linked to your site with open comments for Q & A, and creating a email list of those that have purchased work or are interested in purchasing your work and send them something that keeps them apprised of your current work and status about every 2 or 3 weeks so that they feel like they are in the loop.

These are some biggies that I've learned through a lot of difficulty so far....but I LEARNED them! I hope that you can get something from this and thus save yourself from some of the headaches and unrealistic expectations I've suffered needlessly through. I will post more of these occasionally as I think of them or realize them.

Thanks for reading and I love you all!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating a mailing list...

Hello Dear Friends and Art Fans...

I am starting a Mailing List for those that love to see what I am doing and get the first look at finished pieces. Plus, if you are on my mailing list, I will give you all first dibs and purchasing finished pieces and thus wait a week before I post pricing on the public postings so that you can mull things over.

I value my Collectors as they are the ones whom have put me where I am thus far and so, I wish to take care of them. They are my family and furthermore, I know that when they buy a piece, it will be going to a good and loving home.

So, if you are interested in being on my mailing list, just shoot me an email with "re: put me on the list!" and I will make it so.

Thank you so much everyone for the love and support,


My email address: redwoodjedi@gmail.com

Monday, September 22, 2014

Shenanigans at The Scarefest

As most of you know, I achieved going to a Horror Con as sort of a personal goal fulfillment and thus the reasoning behind the production of several Pin Up and Fantasy pieces. Here are some of the wonderful highlights I experienced at this year's Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky. Thank you to all of the wonderful people I met who truly made this a beautiful experience that I will treasure forever!

House of 1000 Corpses, Robert Mukes with my good friend and model, Heidi Zelch. 

The Walking Dead's, Santiago Cirilo with the lovely, Heidi Zelch.

Heidi Werner Zelch, Kenny May Sr., and Moiself

Wicked Beard Predators and a very bewildered lady!

My booth! So much fun!

Ghost Hunters, Dave Tango with my art!

Ghost Hunters', Adam Berry with my art!

Samara from The Ring loves Indiana Jones!

The autographed goodies that Steve and Tango gave to me.
Bless their hearts, they are two very kind guys.

Thank you ALL for supporting a dream and for helping it come true. I had a blast!