Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poe Dameron

"Poe Dameron"
Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil and White Gel Pen
11 X 17 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

This is number two of what I am calling my "Star Wars Aurebesh Series". This was both a fun and very challenging piece for me and I struggled on a couple things; the likeness and the clouds. I messed around with both for days but ultimately I am satisfied with the end result.
The scan didn't copy exactly true to texture and color but when does it ever? Lol...I wanted this to be a very vibrant and richly colorful piece, fitting for our next hero in the Rebel Alliance/Resistance. Plus, I was really looking for an excuse to render what is already an iconic scene of the X-Wings skirting low over the water kicking up rooster tails. Just an amazing scene to me. When in motion, it is epic to behold. But in a still photo, I found, artistically, some things lacking. Namely the sky was a dull light blue and it just kinda sat there. So I googled for about an hour and found three photographs that had the hues and texture I was looking for and combined them in this painting. Hopefully I was successful.
The Original is for sale for $1000 and 1:1 Ratio 11 X 17 Prints are available for $15 US. Overseas, please add $5 US for shipping.
Thank you everyone for watching the fun!
#starwars #episodevii #theforceawakens #poedameron #theartoferikstitt

Monday, November 16, 2015

WARNING!: Sort of Rant ahead...

So, as most of you that have been following me know, I have been doing this for years! Publicly for 2 Decades now. It is my heart, my passion, my gift and the reason I believe I was put on this Earth. I am here to take the mundane, the atrocious, the ugly and hose it off, refurbish it and make this world a little more beautiful than when I was given it.

After two decades of chasing this rainbow, I have still not found the "Magic Pill" that elicits the support system of others beyond being showered with "Likes" and "Followings". Don't get me wrong, I am deeply appreciative of my Fan Base as I kicked, fought and scratched to get and retain each and every one of you and so for that alone, I am deeply indebted. But after a fashion, all of the likes and follows just don't cut it, do they? I mean, I am doing this for some purpose and reason beyond that, aren't I?

All of us at some point whom follow our passions and dreams eventually come to the place where applause and "atta boys" no longer suffice. Most of our dreams to continue them and be fully immersed in the process of fulfilling them cost money to make them happen. I guess my question is, at what point in the process does the plug finally get pulled and suddenly everyone not only likes and loves what you do but in turn, they must have it?

I sometimes feel like a pariah in the art community because I see so many of my fellow colleagues selling regularly; their Original Work and Prints as well and they seem to at least make enough to continue what they do or even make a living at it. This, like many of you, is my dream as well. Do you realize that if a third of my followers bought a $15 Print every time I produced something, I could take care of my family doing this? $15! That is a drop in the bucket compared to what I spend on supplies to manifest the beauty I put before you just for YOU!

There are three reasons I do what I do. One is met regularly and the other two have yet to show their faces consistently:

1) For my own joy and fulfillment
2) For YOUR joy and fulfillment
3) To take care of my family and continue on doing it

So, if it is a personal thing, tell me then, what are the reasons none of you buy? Is my work not quality enough? Is it because I am an unsigned, unlicensed artist and nobody "official" has deemed me worthy or famous yet?

Knowing the reasons would help me put out more of what YOU would like to see and maybe help support my gift to you beyond just virtual admiration of the craft.

Please consider all of the above I have stated the next time you hit the "like" button under a picture of something I poured the entirety of my being into.

To me, what comes from my brush is not paint, it is blood...


PS: I am only as successful as ALL OF YOU make me. I stand on your shoulders. As of right now, I am on a very wobbly tip toe standing on a handful of shoulders stretching with all of my might to hang onto something higher than where I am. Take care of my craft and I will take care of you...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Captain Phasma

"Captain Phasma"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
11 X 17 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt
(SOLD! To private collector)

This is the first in a series of 11 X 17 posters that I am doing based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens until I run out of ideas. The size is gauged to do prints at a 1:1 scale so that you see all the detail, pencil strokes and brush strokes. I want you to see what I see!
I already have the next one on the board and ready to go.
Lemme know if you are interested in prints. These will all have the same look and feel, each with the title of each character written in the Star Wars Aurebesh writing.
Thanks for watching! This was fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Abducting the Abductor

"Abducting the Abductor"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
9 X 12 Gray Tonal Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

Hey! I finally got my little scanner hooked up so that I can scan smaller pieces like this. Now you can finally see it as I see it. Yay!

This little guy is for sale to a good home. I will even sign it! It will leave this house to yours for $75 US. Add $10 US for overseas.

This was my first work since Indiana Jones last April so it was good to find my rhythm and chops back.

Thanks for watching as always,


Monday, October 26, 2015

Affordable Indiana Jones Art Prints for the Holiday Season!

Just in time for the Holiday Season!

You can now get a very affordable little print of my Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory art!

For $25 US, I will send you a 8.5 X 11 print of this art signed! If you are ordering from overseas, please add $20 US for shipping.

You can now share in All of Indy's Movie Adventures in one pieace of art or share them with a Loved One.

Please email me at if you are interested for details.

Proceeds from the sales of this print go towards funding my Fiancee and I's wedding next year.

Thank you so much in advance,

Monday, August 24, 2015



I'm going back to my Southwest Roots (deeply embedded) and if I like the turnout of this piece I'm working on, it will hopefully bloom into a series. I'm blending two aspects; My love of Wildlife and my love of Southwest Culture.

I apologize, there will be no WIP's anymore. That got to be far too taxing and I was paying waaaaaaay too much attention to responses which, in my humble artistic opinion, hindered flow and creativity. Plus, I'm no longer doing Illustration. Only Fine Art. There are no time limits, restrictions or deadlines with Fine Art and as I am raising children again, Illustration will have to take a serious back seat. I WILL still take commissions, however, and if said commission has an illustrative request and flair well, then that is a different story.

My pace will slow considerably because of family needs as well. Last year, because of Deadlines, Commissions and a Con, I rendered over 90 finished pieces. Professional or not, THAT is an insane pace and it required many sleepless nights and NO days off AND I managed to get a move in the middle of it. Never again....My new pace will be a much more realistic 20 - 30 pieces a year. I have family and THEY are first now. Not the art.

I will also be establishing myself locally as I was in Washington State. Looking for galleries in Boulder, Denver and perhaps further up the mountain in Vail and Aspen. We shall see. The bulk of my Art Income was made last year on my Fine Art and a few Commissions.....Not my Illustrative Work. For some reason, it just did not sell. So, it sits framed here and there around my house collecting dust. Every single piece of Southwest Fine Art I rendered last year and the year before, sold. Gone. Out the door and out of the Gallery. So, the decision to remain with Fine Art and skip Illustration is an obvious one to me. And much more sane. I will be beholden to no one. Yaaaaay Me!

It has been too long without pencils and brushes in my hands and now that they have healed a bit from the arthritis, I can now do what sustains my very Soul lest I perish....(dramatic flair, lol)

There's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks to those of you that stuck around and still enjoy what I do. It will always be there to enjoy.

Good to be Arting All the Things again,


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" Done!!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
16 X 20 Gessoed Illustration Board
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

This was an absolute blast to do! I've always wanted a poster depicting all of Indy's Movie Adventures in one place and I never found one that I liked so......well.....I did it myself!

If any of you fine folks would like a nice print of this signed, I will get a scan done of this piece and order up a bunch to sign and send to you. Please comment below if you are interested in a print and I will guage the commentary and order accordingly.

Thank you ALL so much for your support and kindness!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" Final WIP! Almost finished!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" - Final WIP

"Last Crusade is finished and now onto the "Crystal Skull". The next photo will be the finished painting!

Monday, March 16, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Raiders

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

I'm currently working on the "Raiders" portion of Indy's archaeological loot with the Fertility Idol and the Ark of the Covenant in progress. I will try to finish them by day's end and move onto the "Temple" portion tomorrow. The Ark?........very tedious....

Friday, March 13, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Done until Monday

 "Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

Time for me to wrap it up and call it a weekend!

Dr. Jones proper is now finished. I rendered the rest of his shirt and jacket, tweeked my clouds and sky a little, faded my pyramids a little more and fussed with an airplane until it sang for me. So, the top half of this piece is essentially done. Now I get to start playing with the shiny toys on the bottom. FUN!

I will be back on Monday. Thanks for watching!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Progress and Title Change

 "Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

This morning's progress and a Title Change! (Thanks Mark Raats for the great idea! Much more fitting!)

I spent this morning focusing on the map area and Indy's Clipper Plane. I hinted at some clouds to give it that Map Sequence feel with the inevitable red line showing us fans where Indy's headed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - 12MAR15

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

All done for today. Sorry I didn't get that much done. I had to run around town and deliver other art projects and prints and now the boys are home from school. I did manage to get some of his jacket and shirt finished and I faded back a couple of the pyramids to create depth and distance.

I'll catch y'all on the flip!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Done for today...

 "Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Done for today

I airbrushed in some warm, sunset colors on and around Indy and then proceeded handbrush and color pencil in some details on his face and a little on his hat.

This piece is so much fun! See Y'all tomorrow!

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Ready to paint!

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

The Under Drawing is now complete. There may be other minor things added here and there as I paint, but for the most part, the entire design is on the board.

This is a very involved piece with lots of detail and plenty of fun things for the viewer to look at when it is is finished. There will be fades and effects and lots of "shiny stuff" when its complete.

Now, off to paint this bad boy. Later!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - 10MAR15

 "Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

Getting it all lain out and penciled in on freshly gessoed board. All of Indy's adventures (in canon) on one piece of tattered parchment.

I will spend the next day or two penciling in the ark, chalices, the Sankara Stones in Mola Ram's stone skull, the crystal alien skull as well as the adventure map beside him with his plane. I've wanted to do a piece like this for some time. I hope I can pull it off (crosses fingers).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Done for today...

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Done for today

I should be getting pretty close to finished tomorrow. This will probably be finished on Monday or Tuesday unless I get some time during the weekend.

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - This morning's progress

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP

This morning's progress -

Aside from the colored pencil linework I posted earlier this morning, I also airbrushed in some shines and blurs here and there for effect. Now I will go back toward working on the Valkyrie's body with washes and handbrushing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Today's progress so far...

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP

Lots and lots of layers of lots and lots of feathers done with lots and lots of

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" - WIP - This afternoon's progress

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - This afternoon's progress

A lot of hand brushed washes and detail going on in tones of red. some colored pencil but not very much.

And in case the question comes up about me being male chauvinistic and the size of some things are maybe exaggerated......well, they're not. So, there ya' go. =) 

Monday, March 2, 2015

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP - Step Three

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP

So what I've done since last WIP

1) Handbrush black Acrylic Paint over the background and edges of the Valkyrie in the foreground.

2) Go over all of the handbrushed black with airbrushed black to remove brush strokes and streaking.

3) Soften all the hair with airbrushed black and white acrylic paint

4) Splatter white paint from airbrush by flicking the trigger randomly throughout the background

5) hand brush red and blue dots randomly within the white starfield.

So, except for a giant red star and a few special effects, the background and the large portrait is finished and now all I have left is the Valkyrie herself. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Step Two, Underpainting and Airbrushing

 "Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP

I did some handbrushed black acrylics on the top half of the background, hair and face. I then airbrushed in some loose red and blue washes. On top of that I am currently handbrushing in a little detail as well as some colored pencil to sharpen things up here and there.

I'm all done for today. Nighty Night!

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Step One: Pencil onto Gessoed Board

 "Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Pencil

The value of doing a comprehensive sketch or two first is seeing if what you have in your head also jives on paper and canvas. I decided that if I had rendered everything on the board that was in the comp sketch that it would look too busy and cluttered and thus taking away from the grace and flow of the piece that I wish to convey. This is the underdrawing of Carrie rendered onto the gessoed board. Now I will go through with black paint and hit all the dark and shaded areas in the piece.

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Celtic Lass" Complete!

"Celtic Lass" Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
16 X 20 Cold Press Illustration Board
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

I was commission to do this piece using the client herself as the Pinup Model. She told me she wanted tough but sexy. Armed with that, I took the photos she sent plus stalked her profile a few times and noted her beautiful red hair and square features........Celtic! This appealed to me as I am an Irishman myself. So, I ran with all of that blended in some Irish, Scottish and a little Welsh....all of it Gaelic. I even put in some Celtic Runes that all have positive and empowering meaning around the shamrock in the background....All in all, this piece was a LOT of fun to do!

Thanks for watching, Y'all! On to the next!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Celtic Lass" WIP 22FEB15

"Celtic Lass" WIP - Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson

In my world, it's a Magic Sword......soOOOoooo, it must have Magic Sparkles.....I have one other surprise that I'll put in close to the finish...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Celtic Lass" WIP - 21FEB15

"Celtic Lass" WIP - Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson

I brought some contrast into the background some and then brought in some airbrushed special effects. Now I will finish her armor and render her skirt. Starting to sing and dance now!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Celtic Lass" WIP - 19FEB15

 "Celtic Lass" WIP - Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson

Slowly making my way down with layers of paint and pencil. Things are starting to pop

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Celtic Lass" WIP - 17FEB15

 "Celtic Lass" WIP - Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson

This is the rough looking stage where a lot of my pencil detail is lost with washes of Acrylic over it. I also airbrushed in part of the background to be completed later. I've started detail work on her face and head. If I didn't nail the face, it wouldn't matter how good the rest of it was.

Monday, February 16, 2015

"Celtic Lass" WIP - 16FEB15

 "Celtic Lass" WIP - Commission for Monica Jo Jo Jackson

A Pin Up done of my client for her husband's Man Cave.....I think he'll approve.... =)

All drawn in and ready to start painting tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" Final WIP

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" Final WIP

I've added some weird "alien" symbols to the "monitor up top because that space was looking empty and useless and I felt it needed something. I'm also starting to work on the foreground a little more getting it ready to do the Title Block as one of the last steps.

This'll be the last update photo. The next one will be the finished piece.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP 07FEB15

 "Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP

My fiery saucer crash is looking......fiery. Lol.....I've also started on my Lake Powell, Arizona landscape to give the piece an "Other Worldly", I just dig the Southwest and I had to put "me" in there somewhere.

I'm done for today. I've been up since just before 2 am on only 2 hours sleep. Everything is blurry.....time to really get up and be with M'Lady.

Friday, February 6, 2015

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP 06FEB15

 "Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP

A couple things...

1) Yup, the border in this pic is canted slantwize.....I assure you, it's not.

2) As you can see, I've spent the afternoon putting a couple of light coats of Acrylic Medium Cadmium Red on this paper. As a direct result, you guessed it, severe warping of the paper. Take heart, it presses out well enough. That is what I'm doing right now. Pressing it flat overnight and then I may have a little time over the weekend to work on this some more but more than likely it will be a Monday affair.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP 05FEB15

 "Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP

A few things going on here. Because this is being done on regular 'ol tablet paper, I'm using Copic Marker as much as possible for my foundation colors to avoid warping the paper. I then apply colored pencil on top of it to bring out shading and tone. I'm only using Acrylics sparingly for highlighted or very dark areas so that they appear solid and by doing so I avoid showing too much of the grain of the paper.

Now I'm going to reveal a secret about me: I'm addicted to Core Shadows. Those lovely shadows that subtly break up the specular light on the subjects with wonderful gradients. That is why I almost always have multiple light sources in every piece I do and too, why I almost backlight bring out the Core Shadows........which are my favorite to render and to my eye, the shadows that make an object look 3D and real....

EDIT: To give it more of a "Movie" feel.....I added the tagline, "WARNING: PAIR-ABNORMAL ACTIVITY" to the top of the piece....which will sort of simulate a computer screen when it's finished.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP 04FEB15

 "Dude! Where's My Saucer?!" WIP 

All drawn, shaded, ready to paint.

Thanks for watching!

"Dude, Where's My Saucer?" WIP

 "Dude, Where's My Saucer?" WIP

Almost done with the pencil drawing. I just have to finish shading and draw in the title block and then I'm ready to paint. Probably won't get to painting today. Had an important phone call.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, February 2, 2015

"The Shaman's Opera" Final WIP

"The Shaman's Opera" Final WIP - Commission for private collector

I'm just about finished. I airbrushed a few special effects in here and there and worked a bit more on the necklaces which I will finish tomorrow. Done for today.

Thanks for watching!

Friday, January 30, 2015

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - 30JAN15

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - Commission for private collector

Well, I got a little time to paint today so I finished the foremost cliff by giving it a quick wash in blue and black with the airbrush to subdue it into the moonlight like the rest of the background. Looks like you can fall right off that cliff now! Lol.

I also painted in some shading and highlights on our Shaman's Arm. All done for today.

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - 29JAN15

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - Commission for private collector

So, my Hataali is no longer this weird guy floating in the middle of the Grand Canyon. I blocked in the rest of his body into the foreground and then sketched in some quick details. I will finish painting in his conchos and squashblossom on Monday. I think this looks much better than my original concept and just makes more sense visually. Done for today.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - 28JAN15

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - Commission for private collector

The client asked that the horse and rider be defined a little more so there is that and I started to do the under layers that will become the canyon background as well as work more on the Hataali himself.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - 27JAN15

"The Shaman's Opera" WIP - Commission for private collector

You can't tell too much yet but eventually you will see a storm brewing over the far rim of the Grand Canyon and as a Navajo Hataali (Shaman, Singer) chants to the Sky Father as he begins to slowly reveal visions in the clouds above.

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - 22JAN15 - 2

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

Surprise! You get a two fer today. Got Zatanna's upper arm done and started work on Batman. Done for today. 

Thanks for watching!

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - 22JAN15

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

Zatanna is almost done. I will work on her shoulder/upper arm next and then get to work on Batman a bit before I finish her. So far all of this is done in colored pencil. No acrylics yet. Again, I apologize for the crooked border. The paper is warped a little and I didn't flatten it for the shot. =P 

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - 21JAN15

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

Corset now finished. Working on Zatanna's Top Hat. Sorry for the crooked border. Camera's at a weird angle. Derp....

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP 17JAN15

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

Batman's cowl is finished and, of course, Zatanna no longer has a misplaced collar bone. Done 'til Monday. 

Thanks for watching!

Friday, January 16, 2015

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP 16JAN15

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

OK, Kids. I'm done for today. Nothing fancy going on here. Just good 'ol Prismacolors being ground into submission with gradients, tones, values and shading. I'll see you again on Monday. Weekends are for the kiddos. =)

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"One Hawt, Dark Knight" WIP 15JAN15

"One HAWT, Dark Knight" WIP - Commission for Kendra Hale

Finally getting to my commissions. About five months behind! Yikes! And finally, peeps are starting to commission me for what I love doing.......bringing da sexy.  Here we have Batman and Zatanna looking very smexy. Lol......This is being rendered on 9 X 12 Gray Toned Paper. It's all drawn in and ready to color tomorrow.

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Pull My Hair and Ride" Finished!

"Pull My Hair and Ride"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
20 X 30 Gessoed Illustration Board
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

This isn't the Print Ready photo but I wanted to show you all that I haven't been neglecting finishing this piece for it is, indeed, finished. Now I have to borrow a camera and snap her again for prints. Should be soon.

I know this took a long time compared to previous projects. Get used to it. I am a Family Man again and I have two toddler boys and a damned good Woman to look after. However, I've been told that my next full sized pieces shouldn't take two months to complete as things are more established and settled into a comfy routine.

I have three plus commissions to do next and then I will be back at doing Pin Up paintings again. This piece was essentially to get my sea legs back after being several weeks without painting.

I thank you all kindly for watching. I enjoy that. Very much so.


Friday, January 9, 2015

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP 09JAN15

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP (closeup)

I am now finished with Moto-Hawtie proper. Today I will try to finish the entire painting with only the helmet and jacket left to render.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP 07JAN15

"Pull My Hair and Ride" WIP

Pretty much done with her leg up to the tailpipe. Started work on the rear wheel and fixing little incongruities with the under drawing along the way.

Thanks for watching!