Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" Done!!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
16 X 20 Gessoed Illustration Board
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

This was an absolute blast to do! I've always wanted a poster depicting all of Indy's Movie Adventures in one place and I never found one that I liked so......well.....I did it myself!

If any of you fine folks would like a nice print of this signed, I will get a scan done of this piece and order up a bunch to sign and send to you. Please comment below if you are interested in a print and I will guage the commentary and order accordingly.

Thank you ALL so much for your support and kindness!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" Final WIP! Almost finished!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" - Final WIP

"Last Crusade is finished and now onto the "Crystal Skull". The next photo will be the finished painting!

Monday, March 16, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Raiders

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

I'm currently working on the "Raiders" portion of Indy's archaeological loot with the Fertility Idol and the Ark of the Covenant in progress. I will try to finish them by day's end and move onto the "Temple" portion tomorrow. The Ark?........very tedious....

Friday, March 13, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Done until Monday

 "Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

Time for me to wrap it up and call it a weekend!

Dr. Jones proper is now finished. I rendered the rest of his shirt and jacket, tweeked my clouds and sky a little, faded my pyramids a little more and fussed with an airplane until it sang for me. So, the top half of this piece is essentially done. Now I get to start playing with the shiny toys on the bottom. FUN!

I will be back on Monday. Thanks for watching!

"Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP - Progress and Title Change

 "Indiana Jones: Fortune and Glory" WIP

This morning's progress and a Title Change! (Thanks Mark Raats for the great idea! Much more fitting!)

I spent this morning focusing on the map area and Indy's Clipper Plane. I hinted at some clouds to give it that Map Sequence feel with the inevitable red line showing us fans where Indy's headed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - 12MAR15

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

All done for today. Sorry I didn't get that much done. I had to run around town and deliver other art projects and prints and now the boys are home from school. I did manage to get some of his jacket and shirt finished and I faded back a couple of the pyramids to create depth and distance.

I'll catch y'all on the flip!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Done for today...

 "Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Done for today

I airbrushed in some warm, sunset colors on and around Indy and then proceeded handbrush and color pencil in some details on his face and a little on his hat.

This piece is so much fun! See Y'all tomorrow!

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - Ready to paint!

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

The Under Drawing is now complete. There may be other minor things added here and there as I paint, but for the most part, the entire design is on the board.

This is a very involved piece with lots of detail and plenty of fun things for the viewer to look at when it is is finished. There will be fades and effects and lots of "shiny stuff" when its complete.

Now, off to paint this bad boy. Later!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP - 10MAR15

 "Indiana Jones: Legend" WIP

Getting it all lain out and penciled in on freshly gessoed board. All of Indy's adventures (in canon) on one piece of tattered parchment.

I will spend the next day or two penciling in the ark, chalices, the Sankara Stones in Mola Ram's stone skull, the crystal alien skull as well as the adventure map beside him with his plane. I've wanted to do a piece like this for some time. I hope I can pull it off (crosses fingers).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Done for today...

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Done for today

I should be getting pretty close to finished tomorrow. This will probably be finished on Monday or Tuesday unless I get some time during the weekend.

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - This morning's progress

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP

This morning's progress -

Aside from the colored pencil linework I posted earlier this morning, I also airbrushed in some shines and blurs here and there for effect. Now I will go back toward working on the Valkyrie's body with washes and handbrushing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - Today's progress so far...

 "Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP

Lots and lots of layers of lots and lots of feathers done with lots and lots of handbrushing.....lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" - WIP - This afternoon's progress

"Carrie 1: Valkyrie" WIP - This afternoon's progress

A lot of hand brushed washes and detail going on in tones of red. some colored pencil but not very much.

And in case the question comes up about me being male chauvinistic and the size of some things are maybe exaggerated......well, they're not. So, there ya' go. =) 

Monday, March 2, 2015

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP - Step Three

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP

So what I've done since last WIP

1) Handbrush black Acrylic Paint over the background and edges of the Valkyrie in the foreground.

2) Go over all of the handbrushed black with airbrushed black to remove brush strokes and streaking.

3) Soften all the hair with airbrushed black and white acrylic paint

4) Splatter white paint from airbrush by flicking the trigger randomly throughout the background

5) hand brush red and blue dots randomly within the white starfield.

So, except for a giant red star and a few special effects, the background and the large portrait is finished and now all I have left is the Valkyrie herself. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Step Two, Underpainting and Airbrushing

 "Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP

I did some handbrushed black acrylics on the top half of the background, hair and face. I then airbrushed in some loose red and blue washes. On top of that I am currently handbrushing in a little detail as well as some colored pencil to sharpen things up here and there.

I'm all done for today. Nighty Night!

"Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Step One: Pencil onto Gessoed Board

 "Carrie 1: Black Valkyrie" WIP Pencil

The value of doing a comprehensive sketch or two first is seeing if what you have in your head also jives on paper and canvas. I decided that if I had rendered everything on the board that was in the comp sketch that it would look too busy and cluttered and thus taking away from the grace and flow of the piece that I wish to convey. This is the underdrawing of Carrie rendered onto the gessoed board. Now I will go through with black paint and hit all the dark and shaded areas in the piece.