Monday, August 24, 2015



I'm going back to my Southwest Roots (deeply embedded) and if I like the turnout of this piece I'm working on, it will hopefully bloom into a series. I'm blending two aspects; My love of Wildlife and my love of Southwest Culture.

I apologize, there will be no WIP's anymore. That got to be far too taxing and I was paying waaaaaaay too much attention to responses which, in my humble artistic opinion, hindered flow and creativity. Plus, I'm no longer doing Illustration. Only Fine Art. There are no time limits, restrictions or deadlines with Fine Art and as I am raising children again, Illustration will have to take a serious back seat. I WILL still take commissions, however, and if said commission has an illustrative request and flair well, then that is a different story.

My pace will slow considerably because of family needs as well. Last year, because of Deadlines, Commissions and a Con, I rendered over 90 finished pieces. Professional or not, THAT is an insane pace and it required many sleepless nights and NO days off AND I managed to get a move in the middle of it. Never again....My new pace will be a much more realistic 20 - 30 pieces a year. I have family and THEY are first now. Not the art.

I will also be establishing myself locally as I was in Washington State. Looking for galleries in Boulder, Denver and perhaps further up the mountain in Vail and Aspen. We shall see. The bulk of my Art Income was made last year on my Fine Art and a few Commissions.....Not my Illustrative Work. For some reason, it just did not sell. So, it sits framed here and there around my house collecting dust. Every single piece of Southwest Fine Art I rendered last year and the year before, sold. Gone. Out the door and out of the Gallery. So, the decision to remain with Fine Art and skip Illustration is an obvious one to me. And much more sane. I will be beholden to no one. Yaaaaay Me!

It has been too long without pencils and brushes in my hands and now that they have healed a bit from the arthritis, I can now do what sustains my very Soul lest I perish....(dramatic flair, lol)

There's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks to those of you that stuck around and still enjoy what I do. It will always be there to enjoy.

Good to be Arting All the Things again,