Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poe Dameron

"Poe Dameron"
Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil and White Gel Pen
11 X 17 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

This is number two of what I am calling my "Star Wars Aurebesh Series". This was both a fun and very challenging piece for me and I struggled on a couple things; the likeness and the clouds. I messed around with both for days but ultimately I am satisfied with the end result.
The scan didn't copy exactly true to texture and color but when does it ever? Lol...I wanted this to be a very vibrant and richly colorful piece, fitting for our next hero in the Rebel Alliance/Resistance. Plus, I was really looking for an excuse to render what is already an iconic scene of the X-Wings skirting low over the water kicking up rooster tails. Just an amazing scene to me. When in motion, it is epic to behold. But in a still photo, I found, artistically, some things lacking. Namely the sky was a dull light blue and it just kinda sat there. So I googled for about an hour and found three photographs that had the hues and texture I was looking for and combined them in this painting. Hopefully I was successful.
The Original is for sale for $1000 and 1:1 Ratio 11 X 17 Prints are available for $15 US. Overseas, please add $5 US for shipping.
Thank you everyone for watching the fun!
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Monday, November 16, 2015

WARNING!: Sort of Rant ahead...

So, as most of you that have been following me know, I have been doing this for years! Publicly for 2 Decades now. It is my heart, my passion, my gift and the reason I believe I was put on this Earth. I am here to take the mundane, the atrocious, the ugly and hose it off, refurbish it and make this world a little more beautiful than when I was given it.

After two decades of chasing this rainbow, I have still not found the "Magic Pill" that elicits the support system of others beyond being showered with "Likes" and "Followings". Don't get me wrong, I am deeply appreciative of my Fan Base as I kicked, fought and scratched to get and retain each and every one of you and so for that alone, I am deeply indebted. But after a fashion, all of the likes and follows just don't cut it, do they? I mean, I am doing this for some purpose and reason beyond that, aren't I?

All of us at some point whom follow our passions and dreams eventually come to the place where applause and "atta boys" no longer suffice. Most of our dreams to continue them and be fully immersed in the process of fulfilling them cost money to make them happen. I guess my question is, at what point in the process does the plug finally get pulled and suddenly everyone not only likes and loves what you do but in turn, they must have it?

I sometimes feel like a pariah in the art community because I see so many of my fellow colleagues selling regularly; their Original Work and Prints as well and they seem to at least make enough to continue what they do or even make a living at it. This, like many of you, is my dream as well. Do you realize that if a third of my followers bought a $15 Print every time I produced something, I could take care of my family doing this? $15! That is a drop in the bucket compared to what I spend on supplies to manifest the beauty I put before you just for YOU!

There are three reasons I do what I do. One is met regularly and the other two have yet to show their faces consistently:

1) For my own joy and fulfillment
2) For YOUR joy and fulfillment
3) To take care of my family and continue on doing it

So, if it is a personal thing, tell me then, what are the reasons none of you buy? Is my work not quality enough? Is it because I am an unsigned, unlicensed artist and nobody "official" has deemed me worthy or famous yet?

Knowing the reasons would help me put out more of what YOU would like to see and maybe help support my gift to you beyond just virtual admiration of the craft.

Please consider all of the above I have stated the next time you hit the "like" button under a picture of something I poured the entirety of my being into.

To me, what comes from my brush is not paint, it is blood...


PS: I am only as successful as ALL OF YOU make me. I stand on your shoulders. As of right now, I am on a very wobbly tip toe standing on a handful of shoulders stretching with all of my might to hang onto something higher than where I am. Take care of my craft and I will take care of you...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Captain Phasma

"Captain Phasma"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
11 X 17 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt
(SOLD! To private collector)

This is the first in a series of 11 X 17 posters that I am doing based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens until I run out of ideas. The size is gauged to do prints at a 1:1 scale so that you see all the detail, pencil strokes and brush strokes. I want you to see what I see!
I already have the next one on the board and ready to go.
Lemme know if you are interested in prints. These will all have the same look and feel, each with the title of each character written in the Star Wars Aurebesh writing.
Thanks for watching! This was fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Abducting the Abductor

"Abducting the Abductor"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
9 X 12 Gray Tonal Paper
Copyright 2015 Erik Stitt

Hey! I finally got my little scanner hooked up so that I can scan smaller pieces like this. Now you can finally see it as I see it. Yay!

This little guy is for sale to a good home. I will even sign it! It will leave this house to yours for $75 US. Add $10 US for overseas.

This was my first work since Indiana Jones last April so it was good to find my rhythm and chops back.

Thanks for watching as always,