Thursday, January 28, 2016


I have almost 1300 Fans following me on Facebook with similar numbers throughout the nets on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, DeviantArt, ArtPal, Redbubble and a large number of hits on my own website.

Do you all realize that out of that large number, if only 150 of you a month purchased a print or if only 4 or 5 of you purchased a piece of Original Art or Commissioned me, I could do this indefinitely? You want to see me at a few Cons signing and selling some of these in person? Triple that number.

Don't just cruise through my posts and sites "liking" what I do. If you like a piece, purchase the original or if you cannot afford that, purchase a very affordable print. If you still cannot do that, go away. I am not a free show at that point (Here's an idea, if you can't afford my cheap prices, and they are very cheap, at least have the courtesy to share my posts with others that might or share it anyway). I do plenty for all of you for free. Do you not realize that when I am posting WIP's that I am also teaching you Tips and Techniques with a step by step window of instruction into what I am doing?

If you want to keep me doing this, and see more, well then I a have a ton of art uploaded and available in every way possible on at least a dozen sites in almost every single genre!

Fine Art. Fan Art. Sci-fi Art. Fantasy Art. Pin Up Art. Horror Art. Southwest/Native American Inspired Art. Wildlife Art. It's all there and in large quantities! You want to see something different? Commission me!!

Please, show me a little support because I give so much to all of you.

You can find everything on my website.

Thanks for understanding,