Monday, February 29, 2016

Glass Diva 1

"Glass Diva 1"
Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil, Ink and Gel Pen
16 X 20 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2016 Erik Stitt
Original for sale: $650 US

This is the first in a series of Hajime Sorayama inspired Pinups that I've begun. I've combed the internet thoroughly and although I could find plenty of chrome and latex, I could not find any Lovely Maidens made of glass.

So, hopefully she is to your liking as you are truly seeing the first rendered, Glass Diva.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Series!

I've been stacking up reference photos galore for a new series and I'm ready to start number one.
The New Pin-Up Series will be called, "Glass Divas" the style of Hajime Sorayama...

With any luck and domesticity remaining relatively calm, I will have the first Goddess penciled in today.

My aim is to bring a little sensuality done classily back to my work and use it to bring a broader clientele to my patreon page


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bowie Resurrection: Loving The Alien

Bowie Resurrection: Loving The Alien"
Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil, Ink and Gel Pen
16 X 20 Gessoed Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2016 Erik Stitt

Original Available: $1000 US
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Signed 8 X 10's: $15 US. Add $5 US for overseas. PM me for 8 X 10 orders.
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Well, I know I took a while to get this done but I'm glad I did. I started this a week and a half after Bowie's passing. It really hurt me and bothered me as he represented pure, unfettered art that was bold, limitless and wonderful to witness. During that week and half period as I mulled over what to do artistically as a tribute, I saw many, many portraits of him rendered in as many styles. I wondered if I should just do that, and as I think about it, it might have sufficed. But Bowie was so much more to me; talented, cryptic, metaphysical, spiritual, socially forward and trend setting. I had to do something of that caliber or at least try. So I began to sketch out ideas all the while letting randomness and intuition as well as muse and my love for this Being guide me. The result of all of that is what you see now.

I wanted to create something filled with as much symbology as I could muster as well as reference his own work and past identities. I even brought UFOlogy, Conspiracy and the Paranormal into it. I mean, after all, HE was Ziggy Stardust as well as The Man Who Fell to Earth!

So what you are seeing is a sort of ritual taking place. A "Man in Black" Bowie that is also a mere Ghost is overseeing the Blue Nagel Suited Bowie who is in transition as is apparent with his Ethereal looking hand. His hand sits upon the Blackstar Bible as if it holds some sort of secrets, enchantments, spells of the Afterlife and it is as if all of that is passing from his ghostly hand through to his still living hand into the body of his newly cloned effigy as being revealed to him by the Alien Grey unmasking the "New Ziggy". In the background is, of course, Mars, Major Tom's capsule and all of the lovely stars that make Bowie the Starman. The lighted tunnel opens up in the bottom middle third of the piece as if inviting the Vintage Bowie to take the next step of his journey while at the same time leaving his living legacy behind. And finally, a Glass Spider, representing not only Ziggy's band but also the name of a Tour he ventured on during the 80's, steps lightly across the Blackstar Bible thus completing the circle.

I know I put so many WIP's of this out there and I am truly sorry for that. The more I painted, the more I realized just how involved this piece was to do and it had to be as close to perfect as my ability could produce.

Thank you all for tolerating this binge and purge of muse and for also watching me experience catharsis on Facebook. You are too kind.

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