Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Art of Erik Stitt Collectible Trading Cards!

The Art of Erik Stitt Collectible Trading Cards are here!

I've created a lovely, ever-growing set of Trading Cards for those that cannot afford a full piece or print. Very easy to get them...

You can PM me your order or you can become a Patron on my Patreon Page.

Thank you kindly.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Going back to my Southwest Art Roots...


You may have noticed some major changes as of late. Big Ones. What you are seeing is me going back to being a Fine Artist specializing in Southwest Art and leaving behind the world of Illustration. I honestly put blood, sweat and tears into every illustrative piece of work I did, each time hoping beyond all hope that the next one would be my "lucky break" piece that got the attention........and a nice contract. I had experienced a decent amount of success about 3 years ago with my Southwest Art and I thought, naively, that maybe if I tried some illustration that those pieces could coat tail a bit on my Fine Art success.......this, of course, did not happen at all.

Having put myself through needless suffering, tons of time and many, many lessons learned, I bringing my heart and talent back home where it belongs. The above pieces reflect this return and with the return comes a new and looser style full of heart, passion and deep mystical feeling that comes to me in flooding waves when I think of the American Southwest, it's diverse Cultures, the haunting landscapes that extend from horizon to horizon and the smells and sounds of food and music that are truly unique to the Four Corners States of the US.

Here I will remain....Here I will stay.

My Art as well as my Heart..........are now home.

Enjoy the Journey with me.