Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today's Pocahontas: It's Still 1492

"Today's Pocahontas: It's Still 1492"
Acrylic Paint and Colored Pencil
11 X 17 Mixed Media Paper
Copyright 2016 Erik Stitt
Original For Sale: $1000 US- PM me for inquiries
Prints and Posters available at my Print Store

It's rare that I make a social statement with my art beyond something tamer or of a spiritual bent but, I thought I would let it out here.

It is, indeed, still a 1492 mentality in this country. You doubt me? Then tell me ANY major differences in the motivation of the US occupying the Middle East and Columbus hitting the beach in the Caribbean.....not much different. Conquer, Conquest, Greed, Exploit, Assimilate and Disseminate.

The bloody War Paint across the cheek is subtle but most of my Indigenous Friends the world over will get it.

I wonder what Pocahontas might say about Her Land and Her People were she alive to see what has happened today...

"I wear the White Man's Clothes,
I eat the White Man's Toxic Food,
I drink the White Man's Poisonous Water,
I speak the White Man's Language,
I live in the White Man's House and
I become ill with the White Man's Sickness,
But I still know who I am..."

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