Friday, October 13, 2017

Just a matter of time

When I first got to know Erik it was on a very limited basis at work, and only when he added me as a friend on Facebook, did I have the opportunity to see the person behind the work persona.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the gruff, tough, angry, very unhappy man I had known was actually extremely talented, thoughtful, very intelligent, and spiritual.

As I perused his profile, I was impressed by his artwork the most.  I browsed through the images and saw all different varieties of subject matter, from pinup, to alien, to fan art.  They may not have been the kinds of images of which I'd purchase a print, but I certainly appreciated his talent nonetheless.

It was when I came to his Native American piece titled Lakota Man, as well as his charcoal drawings, that my jaw dropped.  Now he had my attention.

Throughout our relationship, as he became prolific once again with his painting, I kept wondering why he wasn't producing pieces that truly showed his talent (and decades of hard work), such as the images above.  I wondered why he kept producing pieces that were good, yes, but weren't the WOW factor I knew he had in him. 

In August he was fired from his job, a situation that turned out to be a huge bonus to his painting because, until he found another job, he had the time and energy to devote to his craft.  One night he was told by a friend that a movie was being made about Bob Lazar, the whistle-blower for Area 51 in the late '80s, so he thought it would be fun to paint a concept movie poster. 

As I watched this image come to life as he rendered these men to near perfection, my jaw hit the floor once again.  When I finally asked him why on earth he hadn't always painted at that caliber, he replied that he had never had the time, plain and simple.  It was at that very moment, the realization that his true talent had been stifled by both past relationships and jobs, that I asked him to stop looking for a job and pursue his painting full time.  I would do anything in my power, including getting a second job to support us, if he would just paint at that level.  THAT was what the world needed to see.

Thus began the movie poster idea, whether it be commissions from clients, or fan art fun.  He is finally, for the first time in his life, fully in his element, and it is a sight to behold.  Thank you for being a part of this, for supporting a man who has truly wanted to do nothing in his life except paint.  If you can't afford a commission but know someone else who can, please spread the word.  All the "likes" and "thumbs-ups" in the world won't put food on the table, and being able to support his family is what would make this all come full circle.

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