Monday, December 18, 2017

Starting Local

With the success of Erik's UFO/alien paintings, we've decided to get our feet wet locally so that when Contact in the Desert happens in June, it should feel more like second nature and less like a couple of bumbling idiots who don't know what they're doing.

As soon as the holidays wind down within the next couple weeks, I'm going to scout opportunities within the greater Denver area looking for art shows, craft shows, or any other kinds of venues that will allow us to set up a little booth and sell images of Erik's hard work.  For the smaller local shows we're hoping to include things like mugs, calendars, key chains, etc. in addition to prints.  Contact in the Desert will be strictly prints, as we simply won't have the room at the booth nor will we have the means to ship a bunch of items to California for the week.  

I'll make sure to post when and where we end up opening up shop, so if you find yourself in Denver during one of the shows, please stop by and say hi!


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