Monday, October 1, 2018

The Art Of Erik Stitt Shop

Above is a Photo List of my current Print Stock. This will grow as my Patrons Grow. I will also be adding a variety of stock as my Patrons Grow as well such as, magnets, stickers, mugs, etc..

I have numbered each print. Below is a name next to the corresponding number with a link that you can click on to see the image large and in clear detail. Use these numbers to make your orders. The rest of the info on the image is self explanatory.

Patrons using your Discounts, state the percentage of your Discount in the PayPal message window as well, that way I can clear you as you each use them.

U1 - Cosmic Barrel Rider -

U2 - See No Evil -

U3 - Grey's Anatomy Portrait Study -

U4 - Grey's Anatomy Profile Study -

U5 - Gauging The Weather -

U6 - Terran World Cradle Cruiser -

U7 - Live Retrieval -

U8 - TR3B MKII -

U9 - Twilight Visitation -

S1 - Coming Through The Mists -

S2 - Icarus and Daedalus -

S3 - Cataclysmus -

S4 - Destiny's Arrival -

S5 - No Finer Evening -

S6 - Garden Of The Gods -

L1 - Gauging The Weather - See link for U5

L2 - On The Shores Of The Cosmic Ocean -

L3 - Grey's Anatomy Mega Poster -

L4 - I Already Know -

L5 - See No Evil - See link for U2

L6 - Coming Through The Mists - See link for S1

L7 - Icarus and Daedalus - See link for S2

All Prints and Posters arrive Signed and Tubed.

Thank you so much for being a Patron!



  1. Same old persistent modus operandi woefully deficient of good common sense

  2. It's the return of Erik's biggest fan! You've been following him for so long, on behalf of Erik and myself I'd like to extend our thanks for your continued support. We both appreciate all the time and attention you continually bring to his blog. Thank you! Also, I'll try to get a new post up for you to read on my blog, The Accidental Somebody. I've been slacking. :)